City Church Temporary Relocation

By January 21, 2019City Church News

Dear City Church,

On Sunday in our worship services, I announced that, starting this weekend (Jan. 27th), City Church will temporarily relocate to the Charleston Progressive Academy at the corner of Meeting and Wragg. It is about a block east of the Music Farm. I want you to know why we are making this change and how God led us to it.

After we were notified by the Charleston Children’s Museum that they would be closed for two months for renovations, we began a search for a place for our Children’s Ministry that was safe, secure and proximate to the Farm. We chased every lead, pursued each possibility and came up empty. And for the past two weeks we have had everyone, babes in arms up through fifth graders, with us during the 9:00 service. While we have been praying for and anticipating God’s provision, we have wondered why nothing seemed to be working out.

Then the Charleston Progressive Academy was made available to us. It gives us a place to hold one service at 10:00. It is close to where we are accustomed to gathering for worship. There is excellent space for the children. It gives us a good space for mingling before and after worship. We can even continue to use the parking garage. It is God’s provision for us.

Our newly formed Leadership Council met this past Wednesday for dinner and a meeting in which we considered the search and the opportunity before us. While the Museum hopes to complete construction by March, we need to anticipate that it might take longer. We acknowledged that this will require all of us at City Church to step up in a renewed way to participate on Ministry Teams. I hope that you will log on to our webpage and sign up for a team if you aren’t already on one.

This week’s sermon was on the wedding at Cana where Jesus turned water into wine. Two things stood out to me that relate to this moment in which we find ourselves at City Church. First, Mary told Jesus about the tremendous need that the bridegroom had because he had run out of wine for the feast. What a great reminder that we can take any need to Jesus. Like we did with our need. Second, what Jesus did was not what she expected and surpassed anything she could have anticipated. I am believing that this is precisely what Jesus is doing with us right now. As a result, I am eager to see Jesus reveal his glory among us through this relocation for however long he has it last. Please pass along the word about the change. And pray that God will do mighty things in his Church – City Church.

One Service


Charleston Progressive Academy

382 Meeting Street (enter on Wragg)