A New Spiritual Family

When God brings us into relationship with Him, He brings us into a family. This new family grows up together, each member connecting each other to the presence and power of Jesus. This is what LifeGroups are for- a place to grow as part of God’s family. They come in all shapes and sizes, but always with the same goals:

  • To care for one another.
  • To identify and develop each member’s spiritual gifts.
  • To reach out and serve the needs of the community.

LifeGroups are designed to grow and multiply, and we’re always starting new groups. There is a place for you to belong and to grow in God’s family. Join us.

Leader Resources

Leading a group and looking for resources? Want to start a group, but don’t know where to begin? Check out our Leader Resources Page for more information.

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Kyle Holtzhower

Assistant for Discipleship

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This is it, folks.

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As Jesus ascends and leaves His disciples dumbfounded, staring into heaven, it’s worth asking what He left behind. He left His Spirit– He has already breathed on them, and promised the Spirit would come further in power. He left His Word, in the scriptures of ancient Israel (the Old Testament) and in the mouths of His…

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