Prophetic Words

New prophetic words are posted every Monday and are kept up for four weeks. If you have been strengthened, encouraged, or comforted by the way the Lord spoke to you in these words please share with us at Prophetic@StAndrews.Church

February 16, 2020

  • For a man for whom Haley’s Comet holds special significance and has been feeling unable to see his way clearly. Trust that He will clear away the cloudiness in your vision. “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10
  • For someone who is looking forward to spring and planting their garden; the Lord is drawing you into something new which will bring forth new fruit. Just as you will prepare your garden, the Lord will prepare you in every way to walk with Him in this new adventure.  Isaiah 43:19
  • For someone who has worked in ministry and hearing church bells brings them great joy; your heavenly Father and all the company of heaven rejoice over you returning to your first love. Be encouraged. He has even more for you.
  • For a young man who loves to play basketball and is especially energized by making 3-point shots; just as you spend time practicing making 3-point shots, spend time in God’s word and you will be stronger in His truth.

February 9, 2020

  • For a man who wears reading glasses and is in between jobs; wait for the Lord. Be strong, let your heart take courage, and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14
  • For a woman who has been falling asleep during her quiet time; God is giving you rest and still enjoys being with you even while you are sleeping.
  • For a lady who was recently riding a blue bicycle and enjoying the ride; press into the Lord with consistency and enjoy where He takes you.
  • For a man who owns a yellow, vintage car; just like you drive your car, God will bring you out and use your gifts that have been stored up for His work. Seek His timing.
  • For a dark haired woman who has been feeling like she can’t stay above water; God will quiet your spirit through your worship. Sing praises to His name and worship Him. There you will find rest.

February 2, 2020

  • For a young school teacher who feels frustrated over her students’ disrespect, lack of interest, and passion during her classroom lessons; your Heavenly Father knows what is in your heart and He is especially interested and passionate about your well-being.
  • For a man with a golden retriever that gets frightened by loud or unexpected noises and will run to him for protection and comfort; you hug his neck and say, ‘It’s okay Big Fella’.  Your Father in heaven feels much the same way about you when you run to Him.
  • For a couple who are in their late forties who used to walk hand in hand along The Battery; as you found comfort and happiness strolling along with each other, the Lord wants you to come to Him together to find comfort and joy.
  • For a mom with an 8 year old blonde haired boy who continually asks questions; those questions reflect his curiosity about God. He is like Samuel searching for God. You can point your son toward Him.

January 26, 2020

  • For a man wearing a red shirt who is facing a challenge in his life; God says do not fear because I am with you.  Isaiah 41:10
  • For someone who likes to cable knit; while the Lord was knitting you together in your mother’s womb, He instilled His destiny within you, which is being stirred up by your current passions.
  • For someone who enjoyed eating a popsicle this past week; God desires to bring you real joy again. Rejoice in Him.
  • For a person who is facing a challenge at work; don’t lose heart in doing good. You will reap from your hard work.  Galatians 6:9,10

January 19, 2020

  • For a man who recently looked at the stars and was reminded of the magi worshiping the Christ child.  Emanuel, God with us, Jesus, is just as near to you now as He was to those wise men.  Matthew 2
  • For someone who takes care of succulent plants;  just as you know how much light they need, the Father knows your needs and will take care of you. 2Samuel 22:29
  • To a young girl who loves the movie Pinocchio;  the Lord loves you and loves it when you share your heart with Him in your prayers.
  • For a boy named Jesse; the Lord sees the courage it takes in doing kind things for others at school.  He is always with you.  Philippians 1:20
  • For a woman who remembers the hymn “For the Beauty of the Earth” from childhood; God sees your pain. Allow Him to lift your head high. Psalm 3