Prophetic Words

New prophetic words are posted every week and are kept up for four weeks. If you have been strengthened, encouraged, or comforted by the way the Lord spoke to you in these words please email us (Prophetic@StAndrews.Church)

Sunday, January 23, 2022

  • For a woman who likes to wear a black bucket hat; the Lord has clothed you with strength and dignity. You can trust in God’s plan for you and you can laugh without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25
  • For a young man who has been hard at work at a project, but feels discouraged and stuck; the Lord sees your commitment and He has established plans for you. Proverbs 16:3
  • For a woman who danced in the snow; the Lord sees how you worship Him and is blessed by the beauty of your raised hands. Ecclesiastes 3:1-4
  • For a woman who enjoys baking early in the morning and savors this time to meet with the Lord; the Lord also delights in this time and He will continue to make Himself known to you. Psalm 16:11
  • For a young man who has felt he has been wandering through his life with little direction and is overwhelmed; the Lord promises to meet you in this place to provide direction, instruction, and guidance. 

Sunday, January 16, 2022

  • For someone who has enjoyed the rainy overcast days; the Lord is pleased with you and your ability to be content, whatever your circumstances. It is a gift and a witness to others.
  • For someone with green eyes and brown hair; there is a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit moving in your life. He is doing a makeover in your heart. The shift is a blessing.
  • For a mom with brown curly hair wearing a yellow dress; God sees the kindness you generously give to family and those around you. God is the ultimate example of kindness and He longs to envelope you in His loving arms. Hosea 11:4
  • For a mom struggling with the thought of sending her child to camp this summer; the Lord encourages you to entrust your child to His care. They are under His protection.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

  • For a man who likes to fish in a nearby pond; the Lord will help you make a tough decision that you are struggling with right now if you seek Him for wisdom.
  • For a woman in her 30’s with brown hair who struggles with making deep and lasting friendships; put your trust in the Lord and He will lead you. He is your “hedge” of protection.
  • For a woman who is wearing red; the Lord is saying you are significant and you help others with your friendship.
  • For a man in his 40’s who recently realized that his father is not the person that he thought him to be and is hurt and disappointed; your Father in heaven loves you. Seek His Spirit to forgive your Dad.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

  • For a lady wearing a red shirt and at times enjoys putting a flower in her hair to bring joy to others; the Lord sees your joy and how that brings joy to others; He also sees that deep pain that you hide. Come to Him for restoration of your joy and healing of that pain.
  • For a man whose pin code is his anniversary and feels forgotten by God and ignored by his family; the Lord reminds you that you are chosen and His special possession. Seek Him to restore your joy.
  • For a man that enjoys his sailboat; the Lord turns mistakes into an opportunity for a deeper relationship with Him. He can redeem and bring good if you seek Him.
  • For a young man who loves being on the Edisto River and has been “rollin” along wherever the streams of life take him; invite the Lord into the boat to help you “steer” in the right direction. Seek His guidance.