Prophetic Words

New prophetic words are posted every Monday and are kept up for four weeks. If you have been strengthened, encouraged, or comforted by the way the Lord spoke to you in these words please share with us at Prophetic@StAndrews.Church

June 28, 2020

  • For someone who just received a new pair of shoes; the Lord is your support. When you choose to step out with renewed purpose, you can be assured that He is with you.
  • For someone still wearing their black socks in June and has been procrastinating putting a legal issue in order; Use the heart and wisdom of God as your plumb line. Freedom and peace will be yours when it’s behind you.
  • For someone recently in their home group silently begging God to give someone ‘a word’ for you. is with you. Wait for Him to confirm guidance in His Word, thru circumstances, and thru Godly counsel. Let Him lead the way, step by step.

June 21, 2020

  • For an older woman who lives in a 3rd floor condo; the Lord has hidden treasure within one of your young neighbors that can only be opened by your brand of kindness for both of you to inherit and enjoy.
  • For a dark haired man with a special fondness for ambrosia fruit salad; the Lord invites you to come taste and see that He is good, to an experience of Him that is delightfully beyond your current level of knowledge and tradition.
  • For a tall, retired doctor who has been praying for protection for his family during the coronavirus pandemic; you can be at peace knowing that the Lord is in control.
  • For a young woman with long brown hair who loves working in her flower garden; the Lord is delighted with you and how you praise Him in everything you do and in every circumstance. Now, bask in His great love for you.

June 14, 2020

  • For a woman who has been holding a painful secret for many years; God has no desire to embarrass or shame you. He only wants to set you free. Pour your heart out to Him.
  • For a woman in a buttoned blouse; the virus and its restrictions have caused much fear to surface in you. The Lord says to be encouraged; you will soon look back and see how He walked with you through those fears and you have emerged victorious.
  • For someone who has been enjoying gazing at all the stars at night and learning about the constellations;
    the Lord delights in you. You shine for Him. He encourages you to listen for Him to speak to you through His word. He has promises for you.
  • For someone who has enjoyed the extra free time during the season to take daily walks and pray; The Lord hears you. He is listening. He encourages you to persevere as you wait to see His answers. He is at work.

June 7, 2020

  • For someone with fond childhood memories of shucking peas with your grandma; you have a gift finding ways to do things in the most efficient manner possible, but, in doing so, sometimes the relationship building, the most important part, is lost in the efficiency. The Lord is encouraging you to be mindful of the experience. Just like the time spent shucking peas with grandma, there is a sweetness in taking the “long way”.
  • For a woman who has recently broken free from the bondage of addiction; your chains are gone and you have been set free. Do not worry about them coming back. The Lord’s grace is sufficient for you and His power is made perfect by your weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9
  • For a man who was recently watching a sunset; the Lord is reminding you that the sun also rises. Sometimes it is only by saying goodbye to one opportunity that you can welcome another. Have confidence that the rising one on the horizon will be just as rewarding.
  • For a man who likes to move with the music when listening to Motown that is piecing together something for work.The Lord says that sometimes the unlikeliest of combinations will make something melodious.