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All students in eighth grade or older who are not confirmed are encouraged to participate in our confirmation class held at the Mt Pleasant campus.

  • Grades 8-12
  • Class meets Sundays, 6 – 7:30 pm
  • Begins September 9, 2018
  • Confirmation Retreat, October 5-7
  • Confirmation Testimonies, December 1, 5:30 pm
  • Confirmation Service: Sunday, December 2, 6 pm

Registration is required for the Confirmation class and necessitates the payment of a fee to cover the cost of the retreat.

What is Confirmation?

At least three things are happening when someone is confirmed.  First, there is a public confession of the faith.  The confirmands stand before the congregation and the bishop and affirm their belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Second, there is a public commitment to grow in that faith.  The confirmands declare their intention to seek God as He is revealed in His Word. Additionally, they dedicate themselves to a lifelong pursuit of reading, learning and reflecting upon His Word.  Finally, there is a public commissioning.  Confirmation has sometimes been called the “ordination of the laity.”  In the service the bishop will lay his hands upon those being confirmed challenging them and commissioning them to serve Christ and His Church with the unique gifts and talents they have been given by God.

Each one of us has been uniquely formed and gifted and we all have a part to play in serving Christ and His kingdom.  Our confirmands are encouraged to consider what gifts and talents God has given them and how they might use those gifts to serve Christ and His kingdom.

Parents’ Meetings

Meetings at Mount Pleasant Academy:
  • August 12– After the 10:45 AM service
Meeting at the Historic Church:
  • August 19- 9 and 10:45 AM services
Parents of students in the 8th grade and above are invited to join us for a Confirmation parent meeting. Confirmation is a class where students learn more about Jesus and that concludes with students affirming their faith as their own. Interested parents should meet Sam & Phil in the back of Mount Pleasant Academy or the Historic Church to discuss details and expectations. Classes begin September 9.

About the Class

Each week students hear a teaching and participate in table groups lead by senior high students who are themselves connected in a High School Ministry LifeGroup. Each year the class attends a weekend retreat designed to challenge them as we look to the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The confirmation process is concluded by a moving two night event. On Saturday evening the students present their personal testimony as to what Jesus has done in their lives. On Sunday evening they are confirmed in the faith by the bishop.

Attendance at weekly classes, the weekend retreat, and participation in the testimony night are required for confirmation.

Table Leaders

High School Students are an integral part of our confirmation team. We believe that students who have been confirmed have an excellent opportunity to pour into the next generation of students. If you are interested in volunteering as confirmation leader please fill out Confirmation Table Leader Application before August 31.


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Confirmation Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, Confirmation Class meets from 6-7:30 PM in Sams Hall.

  • Sunday, Sept 9 – Why are you here?
  • Sunday, Sept 16 – What is Sin?
  • Sunday, Sept 23 – Life of Christ
  • Sunday, Sept 30 – Atonement
Fri – Sun October 5-7  Retreat @ Camp St. Christopher
  • Sunday, Oct 7 – No Meeting (Retreat)
  • Sunday,Oct 14- Community Shaped By Scripture
  • Sunday, Oct 21 – Community Shaped by Worship
  • Sunday, Oct 28 – Community Shaped by Prayer
  • Sunday, Nov 4 – Early Church
  • Sunday, Nov 11 – Missiology (inside & outside the local church)
  • Sunday, Nov 18 – Testimony Prep
  • Sunday, Nov 25 – Testomony Prep (optional)
  • Saturday, December 1 – Testimony Evening (6:00 pm in Sams Hall)
  • Sunday, December 2 – Confirmation Service (6:00 pm in Historic Church)