The Cultural Translator

Have you ever been mid conversation with your teenager and wondered what in the world they are talking about?

What’s a dab?

Did you just say ‘yeet’?

Wait, what are we doing next ‘fortnite’ and when did you start using that word?

These are just a few of the examples that come to mind, that even someone who has worked with teenagers for most of his adult life have had to research and figure out. It’s part of connecting to the life and world of a teenager – it’s one of the ways to help understand their world.

You probably already agree with this idea; I’m sure you also really want to know the world of your teenager – even if you may never understand just what ‘yeet’ means or know how to dab.

But, you’re thinking to yourself – I don’t even know where to start and a Google search can be super overwhelming or take you down the rabbit hole of crazy YouTube videos…

Don’t worry, I promise you won’t have to watch YouTube videos non stop on your smartphone to understand.

Be like me.

Do what I do.

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One of topics this last week was the concept of “sharenting” – have you ever thought about the photos you post of your teenager on social media, or are out there floating around of them as a toddler? Your teenager has.

Another, was letting me know about the upcoming sequel to Pokemon Go. Yup, that’s right. The first installment of this amazing game was to help get you outside and moving around, now they want to make sure you’re getting enough sleep and are turning it into Pokemon Sleep. I promise you read that right. Pokemon Sleep, go figure.

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