Hope’s Heart for “The Least of These”

By September 21, 2016December 13th, 2016Kingdom Living

hope-caldwellHope’s Heart for “The Least of These”

It only takes a few minutes of conversation with Hope Caldwell  before her heart for those in need becomes very evident. Hope has cared for “the least of these” in many ways, and there is great joy in her voice as she speaks of a few of them:

-Multiple mission trips with One World Health (formerly PMI).

-Her business, KLH Group, which manages socially conscience meetings and events and  connects companies with non-profits.

-Her precious son Liam, whom she and her husband, Ken, adopted from China last year.

Yet, as busy as she is being wife, mom, and business owner, Hope recently answered another call from the Lord to serve His people as Director of the St. Andrew’s Medical Clinic. Her experiences on her trips with OWH gave her a thirst for providing help and medical services to folks who don’t have or can’t afford the medical attention they need. The clinic has been in service at St. Andrew’s for over thirty years and has served countless patients with loving attention. Recently, the clinic has partnered with the MUSC to become the place where the students in the Physician’s Assistant program are able to acquire the clinical training hours needed for graduation, and it is with this partnership that Hope has found yet another place to witness the Lord moving.

The practical ways the Lord works in the clinic is obvious. The Lord has provided pathways by which patients receive medical care and referrals that they might not otherwise receive. At the same time, students get the clinical hours they need to fulfill graduation requirements. However, it’s the ways the Lord moves through the clinic touching  hearts that is perhaps the sweetest for Hope.

Hope says the interaction between the patients and the students has been a wonderful thing, and she has witnessed the Lord growing trust between the patients and the students. She has also been blessed by the substantial relationships she’s experienced walking with some of the students through their faith. Clinic staff and volunteers pray with the patients, and Hope says sometimes the lobby is full of people praying. Praying with patients and students has allowed her own confidence to grow in how she prays as well.

Working with the clinic has “rocked my world,” says Hope.  “I am so blessed to be around these people. The Lord whispers to me at the clinic…not just to run the clinic but to invest in the people, and not only the patients, but the students too. He provides sweet reminders of why I’m there.” No doubt everyone in the clinic is happy that Hope is there as well.

For more information about the St. Andrew’s Medical Clinic , visit  the “Serve” page of our website.