Acts: The Scattering of the Saints

By November 8, 2020November 9th, 2020Park Circle Sermons

Bible Study

Following up weekly with a sermon is a great way to grow in your faith.  We would encourage you to spend time examining the following Scriptures that shaped this sermon: Acts 6:8-8:1 

Sermon Outline

God uses the horrible death of Stephen to spread the gospel out of Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.

  1. Stephen is seized
  2. A Savior is standing
  3. Saints are scattered

Sermon Application

Look at the text…

  • How would you summarize these verses?
  • Who was Stephen? Look earlier in Chapter 6.
  • What we have in this very long reading is the biggest defense of Christianity in the book of Acts. Stephen addresses the council under the same charges they brought against Jesus and defends the faith by walking the people through the Old Testament and allowing God’s word to convict them and lead them to their need for a savior.
  • What position is Jesus in when Stephen sees his vision? Why is that important?
  • What happens in the next chapter?

Look at your life…

  • The word martyr literally means to be a witness. How can we be a witness to Christ’s glory this week?
  • Stephen was faithful even in the face of brutal death. The easy call is to be faithful like Stephen but what we really need to hold fast to the same faith that Stephen had. We need to let the gospel give us hope, joy, and love in the face of persecution and to love our enemies even when they are holding stones.
  • After listening to this sermon how are your prayers challenged or changed?
  • What did you find encouraging about this sermon?
  • How is your life changed, matured, or was challenged because of it?
  • Who will you tell and what because of what you just heard?
  • How would you explain this to a small child?

The outline and application questions are intended for your further reflection and action upon the weekend message. They are also designed to facilitate discussion and accountability within your LifeGroup community.

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