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By July 9, 2020City Church News

Meet Kyle Holtzhower ~ Interim Lead Pastor

We invite you to watch this short video from Kyle Holtzhower who will serve as the Interim Lead Pastor at City Church beginning in August. Please keep Kyle and his family in your prayers as he prepares to join our community and lead us in the next step of our journey together.


Terrell’s Letter to City Church:
Dear City Church,
As many of you know, I have the privilege not only of serving City Church as Lead Pastor but also of serving the wider Church as a bishop in the Anglican Church in North America. This past fall and earlier this year I was away from our Sunday services about once a month to make pastoral visits to other churches for confirmations and ordinations or simply to give congregations the opportunity to have a bishop visit them. It has been a particular joy to me to be able to serve both as a pastor of a local congregation and as bishop in the larger Church.

After much prayer, I believe that God is leading me to return to active full-time ministry as a bishop. This means that my time as Lead Pastor at City Church will be coming to an end. Teresa and I have spent much time in prayer to make sure that we are hearing God correctly. Steve Wood and I have met several times to prayerfully discuss all of this and he also has affirmed this call.

Teresa and I have been blessed by God to be among you, to experience God’s love through you, and to serve you. As I reflect over the past 3+ years, I am struck by the way that God has faithfully carried City Church through a complete staff transition and an unexpected relocation from The Music Farm and Children’s Museum to Charleston Progressive Academy. He has given us a partnership with Calvary Baptist Church and a growing relationship with their community. He has directed us to gather leaders together to form our Leadership Council. Teresa and I have delighted in hosting meetings, classes, programs, trainings, meals, premarital sessions, and times of one on one with so many of you in our home. We love you and will miss you very much.

I will continue as Lead Pastor through the month of July. Kyle Holtzhower has agreed to lead City Church during the interim period. Please keep the Leadership Council in your prayers. And please continue to pray for Steve as he prayerfully discerns whom God would send to lead City Church.

Every blessing,



From Steve:

Dear Friends,
Earlier this spring Terrell came to me to tell me that he was feeling the Lord’s leading to return to an active full-time ministry as a bishop and that his time as Lead Pastor at City Church has come to an end. As we spoke he shared with me that he had seen City Church through several major transitions; notably, the establishment of a Leadership Council and the relocation of the services out of the Music Farm. Most importantly, Terrell said that City Church was healthy, stable, and envisioned for the future. After a few months now of joint prayer and discernment, I too believe Terrell is being called to serve again as a full-time bishop. I have always trusted Terrell’s discernment. He is a good friend and has been a wise counselor for me. I appreciate his leadership at City Church and his steady bearing as I’ve/we’ve navigated the last few years of loss, relocation, and rebuilding.

Terrell will continue to lead City Church through the month of July and he will work with the City Church Leadership Council and Kyle Holtzhower who will step in to lead the work at City Church during our interim period.

I commend Terrell and Teresa to your prayers. I am grateful for them both. Working with Terrell these past 3+ years has been a pleasure and I am thankful that this opportunity has happened. Please pray also for City Church as this transition is navigated. And, please pray for me that I might have wisdom and discernment seeking the next Lead Pastor.

Yours very warmly in Christ,