Asbestos Removal and Clergy Moving

By June 27, 2019Beauty From Ashes

Q & A on Our Construction Project:

Question: What’s happening on campus?

Answer: Two things to note.  First, asbestos removal from Catlin Annex began this week (see photo above). Once this removal is completed the next phase can begin.

Second, we are expecting concrete to be poured along the Venning Street side of the Ministry Center this Friday (you can see the wooden framing for this pour from your car if you drive down Venning).  This is a significant pour as it is necessary for the remaining Ministry Center roof to be erected. Pray for good weather.

Question: What’s next?

Answer: With the abatement of and soon to be removed Catlin Annex, our clergy offices are in the process of being relocated. If you’ve driven by the parking lot you will have noticed the addition of a mobile office unit. We expect permission to occupy the offices by mid-week, next week. As you can see in the photo below, they will be quite comfortable.   

Also, over the next month, the redesign of the rear entrance to the Old Church needs to go through the Town review and approval process. Once this process is completed demolition and reconstruction will begin.

Question: Anything else to know?

Yes, we had a tremendous response to the news about our columbarium! If you would like to add your name to the list or to obtain more information, please contact Lewis Middleton (LMiddleton@StAndrews.Church).

Finally, the Town staff has been very helpful and responsive to us as we’ve moved through our construction and rebuilding process. If you know any of them, please thank them.

In the family,
Steve & Jacqui

Clergy Trailer