About Children’s Ministry Mt. Pleasant

At St. Andrew’s Mt. Pleasant our Children’s Ministry focuses on building relationships with families in order to connect both parents and children to the presence and power of Jesus Christ. Through age-appropriate worship, teachings, games, and special events we want to help children discover and strengthen their faith.  We serve children 6weeks old through 5th grade and their parents.

Children’s Ministry in Mt. Pleasant takes place on the main campus, Please enter through the East Entrance and go down the stairs to the right to find Children’s Ministry.

Operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Age/Grade Groups

  • Nursery (6 weeks – 2 years)
  • PreK (3 years – 5K)
  • Elementary (1st – 5th grades)

Hours of Operation

Children’s Ministry closes 10 minutes after the service ends.


  • 9 am – Doors open at 8:40 am
  • 10:45 am – Doors open at 10:25 am
  • 6:00 pm – Doors open at 5:40 pm


  • 6 pm – Doors open at 5:40 pm

Drop Off and Pick Up

All children attending Children’s Ministry programs will be checked in at the beginning of the service and stay in Children’s Ministry until picked up by their parents. Older children will not attend the service and then leave the service as they have in the past.

Space is limited to just 10 children per grade level and admittance is on a first come-first served basis. Once we reach the limit, we cannot accept any more children in that age group. If we find we reach our maximum capacity over a number of weeks, we may be able to add staff and classrooms to accommodate the demand in the future.

  • If possible, only one parent should drop off and pick up their children.
  • Teachers will walk children to their classroom. During the first two weeks of attendance, Nursery parents may walk their child to their classroom.
  • Parents may take babies to the Nursery after check in.
  • Children will be temperature checked and a general inquiry about the family’s health will be made. Any child with a temperature of greater than 100.00 will not be permitted in the Children’s Ministry area. If anybody in your family is not feeling well, we ask that you stay home.


In accordance with St. Andrew’s policy, all persons six years of age and older are required to wear a mask covering the mouth and nose while inside any building at St. Andrew’s. Children two-years-old through five-years-old are encouraged but not required to wear masks.

  • Staff and volunteers will wear masks at all times.
  • Masks are not required by children when outside on the playground.

In the Classrooms

Sunday Mornings

Staff and volunteers will be assigned to just one age/grade group and as much as possible, will be kept with the same age/grade group each week. Different groups are not permitted to be together.

At Other Times

Children will be separated into groups of no more than 10 and the groups will not be brought together during Children’s Ministry.

COVID-19 in Children’s Ministry

Should a child, staff member, or volunteer in Children’s Ministry be diagnosed with COVID-19, the Director of Children’s Ministry will notify the parents of the children who were present in the same classroom during the previous 14 days. The name of the person who tests positive will not be released and there will be no discussion about the circumstances. The church treats medical issues as pastoral issues and pastoral issues are not discussed outside of the Church staff.

Contact Children’s Ministry

Elizabeth Jenkins

Children’s Ministry Director

Brendan Campbell

Brendan Campbell

Elementary Ministry Team Leader

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