Conception to Framing

Annotate renderings of architecture plans and photographs

Talking to myself about rebuilding the Ministry Center:

Question: When I look at the steel being erected I have a hard time imagining what the new building is going to look like.  Is there something that I can look at to help me understand?

Answer: Yes!  I asked Greg Shore to take photos of the current construction and superimpose them on the renderings we presented to the congregation in 2016.  You’ll see the first one printed above. (Click on the image to see a larger version in its own window.)

Question: How is the construction progressing?

Answer: Fairly well.  As you know, we anticipated the construction of the new discipleship building and were actually set to break ground on 23 April 2018.  Of course, the fire on 22 April 2018 changed everything. And in spite of the need to have new engineering, architectural drawings, and steel fabrication we remain on schedule to complete the project Spring of 2020.

Question: How does the new Ministry Center compare to the old one?

Answer: Depends on what you’re comparing.  Size-wise, as shown in the picture above, the new construction is almost exactly the same as the old Ministry Center.  If you’ve driven by recently, you’ll see that the new Ministry Center is being built on the old footprint and that the center-ridge beam is the same place and is the same height as the old one.  What is new of course is that it is new, made of steel, significantly more energy-efficient, and has a bit more office space.

Question: What has changed in the planning?

Answer: The major change brought about by the fire is we were able to change the orientation of the Ministry Center which allowed us to both incorporate more natural lighting as well as make the room feel more intimate.  As you look at the above image you’ll see that the space where the Communion Table and arches were located in the old Ministry Center are now on the north side of building under the gable that has been constructed.

Question: Were we able to keep the new Narthex in the revised plans?

Answer.  Yes! This is one feature of our new facility that I am most excited about.  As you can see in the above rendering, the Narthex will run the whole length of the building along Venning.  This gives us the ability to have more gathering spaces outside of the new Ministry Center. It also means that the entrances will not dump people right out into the street, but instead, into a courtyard where folks can interact with each other, as well as making entrance and egress safer than before.

Question: Can we see more pictures like the one above of the rest of the project?

Answer: Yes! I will update you weekly as progress is made over the next few weeks.

In the Family,
Steve & Jacqui