Coronavirus Update For Worship

By March 12, 2020City Church News

By now everyone is aware of the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak that has raised many understandable concerns and questions. We are sharing some initial thoughts regarding how City Church will respond and how this will affect our corporate worship.

  • First, please pray daily for those afflicted around the world, for God to guide government and medical leaders in caring for the sick, and for the development of new vaccines. Many of the care providers have been affected by the virus and some have died. Pray for their families. Pray also for the courageous men and women around the world who put themselves in compromising situations in order to show mercy and care for those affected by the Coronavirus. Pray also that Jesus, the Great Physician and Lord of All, will speak the healing word over the world and banish this sickness from his creation.
  • Unless notified otherwise, we will continue all regularly scheduled City Church worship services, meetings and events.
  • Anyone with cold symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, continued cough) is urged to stay at home. This applies to adults and children. Those with a fever should not be out in public during the period when they have one and not until after 24 hours of being free of one.
  • Please do not shake hands, hug or otherwise touch those around you. A smile with a “Good morning” goes a long way.
  • Until further notice, communion at City Church will be served solely by the person serving bread. He/she will dip the bread very lightly in the cup and place it in the palm of the hand of the recipient. Those serving bread will have washed and sanitized their hands before serving communion.
  • If you find yourself worrying or distractingly concerned by the present circumstances surrounding the virus, do not suffer through it alone. Reach out to another City Churcher or contact one of us on staff as we would be happy to pray talk and pray with you.