Drywall, Windows, and Bricks

By February 27, 2020Beauty From Ashes

Dear St. Andrew’s Family,

Just a quick note to keep you up-to-date on our construction process.

I’ve never seen the site so busy. Literally, workers in and on every part of the construction site. Workers are drywalling the second and third floors of the three-story building at the east end of the campus. Scaffolding fills the entire Ministry Center as workers install HVAC, electric, and the actual ceiling. Around the backside of the new building the exterior walls and windows are all but complete. And finally, the construction of the new hardscape around the Historic Church on both the Venning and Whilden frontages is taking shape. We’ve included a few photos below so you can see the progress.

One other thing to note, because of the ongoing generosity of our members we have been able to build everything you see without yet having to borrow any money! That is astounding and reflective of the deep and broad support of the life and ministry that takes place at St. Andrew’s.

This past week we were reading about the construction of the Temple under King Solomon (1 Chronicles 29 – 2 Chronicles 7). In preparation for the construction, King David exhorted and invited the families of Israel to give themselves wholeheartedly to the Lord and to the construction of the Temple. The texts records for us their generosity and the joy that it produced throughout the nation of Israel. The participation of all the families of Israel challenged us.

We’ve had massive support for the building – and rebuilding – of the Lord’s house. But, not every St. Andrew’s family has made an offering. Gifts and pledges continue to be received. If you’ve not yet participated would you join your larger St. Andrew’s family and make an offering so that we can finish this construction process strongly? If you have questions about your participation we’d be happy to speak with you.

With great joy for the Lord’s goodness to us,

In the Family,
Steve and Jacqui

Here’s what you see in the photos below.

  • The gypsum board going up along the Ministry Center parallel to Venning.
  • The back of the Ministry Center almost completed
  • A view of the north wall of the Ministry Center from the mid-level of the scaffolding
  • A view of HVAC being installed in the Ministry Center from the top of the scaffolding 
  • The inside of the Ministry Center filled with scaffolding
  • Building the sidewalk that parallels Venning Street alongside the Historic Church