Easter in Park Circle

Bible Study

Don’t just take our word for it . . . take His! We would encourage you to spend time examining the following Scriptures that shaped this sermon:  1 Peter 1:3-9

Sermon Outline

  1. A rooted Hope in God’s character
  2. A living hope in a living savior
  3. A resurrected hope from an empty tomb

Sermon Application

  • Maybe today you have been living with this preconceived notion about who God is because if God is a Father you want nothing to do with that or you’ve seen how his followers behave and that’s just not for you. Let me invite you back to the source of it all and encourage you to explore it again. Not by podcast or news reports but by what the Bible actually says and then by those of us who are striving to live into that hope. We’re a church, not perfect by any means but who has hope because God is a good father and out of his mercy has caused us to have new life and living hope. Get in contact with us and we’d love to hear your story.


  • Maybe today all this talk about hope has kind of caused you to despair! Maybe you’re thinking that’s great for them but hope for me is a rare commodity because when I hope in something so often am I let down. Let me ask you is your hope dead today? Don’t despair. Jesus didn’t come to make good people better he came to make dead people alive. How a dead hope becomes a living hope is found right there in that verse we’ve been talking about. “Through the resurrection” so let yourself find joy and hope because hallelujah the Lord has risen. The Lord has risen indeed.”


  • Finally maybe today Biblical hope has moved you. From the Father, through the resurrection, alive active hope. Then let me leave you with a quote from Author and Bishop NT Write about what we do with that hope and what we are trying to be at St. Andrew’s Park Circle…“Easter was when Hope in person surprised the whole world by coming forward from the future into the present.” “What you do in the present—by painting, preaching, singing, sewing, praying, teaching, building hospitals, digging wells, campaigning for justice, writing poems, caring for the needy, loving your neighbor as yourself—will last into God’s future. These activities are not simply ways of making the present life a little less beastly, a little more bearable, until the day when we leave it behind altogether. They are part of what we may call building for God’s kingdom.” “Jesus’s resurrection is the beginning of God’s new project not to snatch people away from earth to heaven but to colonize earth with the life of heaven.”
  • How is your life changed, matured, or was challenged because of this sermon?
  • Who will you tell and what because of what you just heard?
  • How would you explain this to a small child?

The outline and application questions are intended for your further reflection and action upon the weekend message. They are also designed to facilitate discussion and accountability within your LifeGroup community.

If you have questions about this sermon please email David Libbon (Dlibbon@StAndrews.Church)