Exterior Walls and Interior Framing

By October 17, 2019Beauty From Ashes

East end sidingQ & A on our Construction Process:

Question: How is construction moving along?

Answer: After demolition was completed in summer of 2018, Hill Construction projected a two-year process to rebuild our campus.  That timeframe still holds. We expect to gain occupancy in the summer of 2020 – which means we are now under a year!!

Question: What’s happening on campus?

Answer: Quite a bit, actually.  If you drive down Venning from Simmons you’ll notice a good bit of progress.  The scaffolding on the east end of the building is in place as the workers are installing the exterior walls (click on the photo in the upper right to see a larger version). Continuing down Venning past the site you’ll see wood framing running parallel to the street.  This framing is for the exterior wall of the hallway that will run the length of the Ministry Center. Moving toward Catlin you’ll see the footers being Ministry Center Interiordug and the rebar being installed. This area marks the western entrance to the new Ministry Center.  Lastly, if you were to stand on Venning facing the construction site you’ll see that the steel framing/roof is in place over the Ministry Center itself. Particularly, you’ll notice the gable and framing for the window that will be over and behind the Lord’s Table (click on the photo to the left to see a larger version).  With the steel framing in place over the Ministry Center, it is much easier to get a sense of what our new space will look like.

Question: How did our September meetings with the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Old Village Historic Commission go?

Answer: They went very well.  We were granted the necessary approval to retain a portion of Catlin Annex (behind the Historic Church).  We will convert this space to an entrance and we will also include restrooms as well as a small room that will be available to groomsmen waiting for their marriage ceremony.  We were also given final approval to redesign the hardscape running along Venning and Whilden. These changes will make the entrance/exit to/from the Historic Church both easier and safer. Finally, the construction of the columbarium in our courtyard was also approved.

Question: What’s next?

Answer: Over the next month, you’ll see that the exterior wall running parallel to Venning will be completed and the last of the steel framing put in place.  This will allow the construction workers to close in the remaining ceiling and install the roof.

Also, we anticipate that sometime in the next 4-6 weeks we will be able to have access to the new building so that parishioners may come through to both see the progress as well as to pray over the site as we write Scripture and prayers on the steel framing.

Question: Anything else to know?

Answer: Nothing significant but nonetheless interesting: due to the limited staging space available to us, the construction process is taking place in a clockwise rotation beginning with the side of the three-story building that faces Rose Lane and working itself around to the side that faces Whilden.  This is why you’ll notice the exterior walls in place on that end of the site (the eastern end) while framing is still being erected at the opposite end of the site.

In the family,
Steve & Jacqui