Hebrews: A Greater Priest

By October 20, 2019Park Circle Sermons

Bible Study

Don’t just take our word for it . . . take His! We would encourage you to spend time examining the following Scriptures that shaped this sermon: Hebrews 4:14-5:10

Sermon Outline

  1. We have a Great High Priest
  2. Jesus has a greater calling
  3. Jesus has a greater sympathy
  4. Jesus has a greater sacrifice

Sermon Application

  • In this text, there are two commands explicitly but three implicitly. The implicit command comes in the “Lets us” of verse 14 and 16.  The author doesn’t say “you should” instead he says “let us” there is a plurality in the address as he continues the suttle urging the beauty of following Jesus in community. Who are you walking this out with? Who are the “Us” of your life?
  • Verse 14 calls us to “hold fast to our confession.” How does this text in Hebrews allow us to hold fast? What foundation do we stand on to do such things? When is it hard in your life to hold fast to our confession?
  • Verse 16 commands us to draw near with confidence. What way do you draw near with confidence? How is it possible for you to draw near and what are we promised to find when we do?
  • After listening to this sermon how are your prayers challenged or changed?
  • What did you find encouraging about this sermon?
  • How is your life changed, matured, or was challenged because of it?
  • Who will you tell and what because of what you just heard?
  • How would you explain this to a small child?

The outline and application questions are intended for your further reflection and action upon the weekend message. They are also designed to facilitate discussion and accountability within your LifeGroup community.

If you have questions about this sermon please email David Libbon (DLibbon@StAndrews.Church)