Imagine a Church on Mission

Our community, our nation and our world are facing the rise of cultural secularism. While some churches are retreating from the public square, abandoning their public witness, and turning their churches into enclaves protecting them from this cultural shift, we at St. Andrew’s believe in a different approach. We believe that even in these challenging times, the offer of the Lord Jesus has not grown weary, neither has the Gospel lost its power. In fact, we believe that this is our kairos moment, our moment of divinely given opportunity.

For the better part of the last decade the leadership of St. Andrew’s has been studying and praying about how we grow the Kingdom – how we best connect people to the presence and power of Jesus Christ. We gathered data, explored options, and listened to the thoughts of many folks inside and outside St. Andrew’s. All the while, our ministries were expanding and our impact was growing. We believe our kairos moment has come; it is time to launch Imagine 2040.

Imagine 2040 is our opportunity to further the kingdom by making disciples and equipping them to go out to impact the world locally and globally. A capital campaign represents more than we can accomplish on our own. As always, we will look to God for guidance and strength.

Building  & Campaign Updates