Leaving a Legacy

Our ministry opportunities are essential to equipping our members and attract people from all over the Lowcountry; but we are limited by space. Joanne Ellison talks about what this has meant for Drawing Near to God and about leaving a legacy for her grandchildren.

Children’s Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry is multi-facetated, offering programs on Sundays and Wednesdays, but we are limited by space. At times more than 80 children are in one classroom on Sunday mornings and we have to turn away mothers who need childcare during our weekday programs.

Ministry Impact:
Making and Sending Disciples

Ministry Highlights

Our ministries at St. Andrew’s are thriving thanks to your faithful stewardship. With more than 20 active ministries and 1,200 active volunteers and lay leaders, the impact on our community and on the world is extraordinary. Because of you, we are reaching more people in our community and beyond. Now imagine what it would look like to expand our influence: to engage, evangelize, equip and send more people at home and around the globe. That is what the Imagine 2040 campaign is about – supporting the growth of disciples mature in Christ  – to advance our mission of connecting people to the presence and power of Jesus Christ. Let’s imagine together!

Youth Ministry

Because of your support, our youth ministry equips young people to face the challenges of our culture from a Christ-centered perspective.  At this influential time in a teenager’s life, it is crucial for the church to partner with parents in the important work of helping their children grow closer to Jesus. Together, we support their transformation into the young leaders God has intended them to be. We teach our children that God has put them right where they are for a reason and to use those opportunities to glorify His kingdom. Imagine space designed with serving youth in mind. Space to provide more opportunity for relationship building among teenagers, mentors, parents and families.   Imagine the impact we can make in our church, neighborhood and community by growing this important ministry.

Healing Prayer

At St. Andrew’s, we believe that growing in the Holy Spirit not only makes an impact in an individual’s life, it radiates throughout one’s home, neighborhood and community. Ministries like Ananias, or healing prayer, are transforming our congregation. As we invest in our church, imagine the impact it will have on our families, our city and our world.

A Response to Hurricane Matthew

As a church, we are called to love one another. After Hurricane Matthew swept through the Lowcountry, members from our church and community were hit hard by the storm. Immediately, St. Andrew’s members from each campus mobilized to help neighbors in need. The display of Christ’s love by helping our neighbors cleanup and recover has not only made a physical impact, it has touched the lives and hearts of those around us. Imagine the impact that was made through one simple telephone call offering help. Imagine how we can continue to offer this kind of love to those around us.

Global Missions

Since 2000, St. Andrew’s has invested $10 million in mission work both here at home and around the world. This is a visible manifestation of the invisible spiritual growth of our church.  That growth is what the Imagine 2040 campaign is about.  Imagine the impact we will have over the next 25 years as we continue to mature in faith.

The Day School

Our Day School is a powerful ministry here at St. Andrew’s. Not only for the children who attend, but also for their parents. Imagine the impact new children’s facilities will have not only on the families who use the Day School, but also on families who attend our Sunday children’s ministry. We will be able to provide more programming and accommodate more children throughout the entire week. Learn more about the impact Imagine 2040 will have on forming the faith of our children.

Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry at St. Andrew’s hinges on relationships and building friendships that last a lifetime. What makes this ministry unique is the fact that it spans generations of women who come together to support, encourage and empower one another in every season of life. Imagine the impact we can make in our homes, workplace, neighborhoods and communities with additional space to reach even more women.

Planting New Churches

At St. Andrew’s, we grow the kingdom locally in part by planting churches.  Our one church-multiple locations approach allows us to reach unreached people where they live so neighbors can worship and minister together. Our main campus in Mt. Pleasant acts as our campus’ administrative headquarters as well as housing many of our ministries.  As we look to invest in strengthening our ministries, imagine the impact that will grow through these programs and each church plant.


Men’s Hike

The Men’s Hike is one of the most life-changing ministries for men in all seasons of life. This ministry has formed friendships, changed lives and created a safe space for men to share their struggles and find encouragement. As we make new space for ministry with the Imagine 2040 campaign, imagine how many more men’s lives will be impacted.

The Ridley Institute

The Ridley Institute has educated over 1,600 people since it began a few years ago. Members from all of our church plants attend and learn valuable tools for sharing their faith with those around them. In addition to this, we live-stream our training to major cities across the U.S., as well as many third-world countries whose clergy cannot afford or live too far away from quality education to be trained theologically. Imagine 2040 will create more space for this important ministry that trains both lay people and clergy.



If you have any questions about Imagine 2040, please contact Lewis Middleton (LMiddleton@StAndrews.Church or 843.284.4347).

Imagine 2040 infographic

Learn more about how our ministries engage, evangelize, equip, and send.