In a couple of weeks, much of the Church will begin a 40-day journey called Lent. Starting on Ash Wednesday and continuing through the eve of the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, many Christians all over the world will set aside these days before Easter for spiritual self-examination, prayerful self-denial, and renewed devotion to Jesus. There is nothing one might do in Lent that couldn’t or shouldn’t be done any other day in the year. However, many of us find it all too easy to float along in the current of life and completely neglect our relationship with Jesus. From time to time we might pause and realize that we need to evaluate our daily time with God or how much time we do or don’t give to the service of others or whether we have so neglected God that we hardly ever think of him. Life keeps coming at us with such a severe urgency that we quickly relegate whatever awareness we had about our spiritual journey to the back corner of life’s closet only to be forgotten once again.

We need Lent. Or Examination Season. Or Heart Check Time. Call it whatever you want, we all need to take time to reflect, repent and be renewed. It begins on Ash Wednesday.  (March 6th) This year City Church will join with The Cathedral of St Luke and St Paul at 126 Coming St. at 6:oo pm for a combined congregational service. Members of City Church and the Cathedral will lead us in worship. A more in depth description of Ash Wednesday will be in next week’s email.