What is Love Charleston?

It’s the idea of the local church being the local church. It’s having our hearts anchored in Christ while our hands are buried deep in the dirt of earth – bringing the joy and healing and life of His Kingdom into this world. Its goal is to commission every person, every LifeGroup and every cluster with the Gospel mandate to transform our culture.

“Love Charleston” reflects our belief that the Lordship of Jesus Christ extends to every aspect of life. Jesus is Lord not only of the church; He is Supreme over human society at large. For this reason, we do not withdraw from the world. Instead, we seek to equip every Christ-follower to participate in the world for the transformation of our society to the honor and glory of Jesus Christ. We are the bearers of God’s image. We are to fill every bit of the earth with the knowledge of God our creator and redeemer.

The information in the links to the right is the product of hundreds of people – following the leading of the Spirit – who have engaged and loved Charleston. It is by no means complete and as you discover new opportunities we will include them as well.

For the Kingdom,