Kairos of South Carolina

The strategy of Kairos is to establish a strong Christian community among the residents of correctional institutions. This is done by the presentation of a 3-day short course in Christianity. It is presented by an interdenominational team of about 55 persons for a group of 42 residents. Kairos is conducted in cooperation with the chaplains and wardens of correctional institutions, by teams of laity and clergy who are qualified by their experiences in Christian renewal programs. Team members are selected, trained, and certified by area governing bodies of Kairos and approved by correctional institutions as citizen volunteers. The chaplain carefully selects the inmates from the prison population. The ideal recruits are those residents who are presently the leaders in the institution. There, they become Christ’s agents for change in their environment that ultimately can bring about change in the attitude and quality of life for the entire institution.

The weekend courses are offered twice a year locally at Lieber Correctional Institution. There is opportunity to volunteer to serve within the prison, and also to provide agape in the form of home-baked cookies (7000 dozen cookies are needed each course as they are provided to ALL inmates, not just those participating in the course), green agape ($5000-7000 needed/weekend), and letters, particularly from children, for the candidates.


Paul Deaton (pmdmd2@gmail.com or 843.830.6604)

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