Measuring Progress in Kingdom Measures

By August 16, 2016Kingdom Living


In an interesting and insightful book, “Margin. Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives” Dr. Richard Swenson points out the modern reality of unprecedented progress. While he acknowledges that progress has valuable achievements such as in medical care, learning, the “power of communications and the speed of transportation,” he also examines the pain it has inflicted. Exponential progress with its unlimited choices and opportunity can often rob us of any margin, contribute to overloaded living, and push us to live beyond our limits, to which loving relationships can fall victim. God created us as finite beings with limits that we would live a life of total dependence on Him who is infinite. Yet so often our culture sells us a message that we can be it all, have it all, and do it all. Is this progress really the way to abundant living or flourishing relationships with God and the people He has called us to love? Dr. Swenson points to the words of William Wilberforce who 200 hundred years ago also recognized the importance of progress, but not in “wealth, education, and power.” Instead, his focus was progress in virtue with its measure being “the fear and love of God and of Christ; love, kindness, and meekness toward our fellow men; indifference to the possessions and events of this life compared with our concern about eternity; self-denial and humility. Above all, measure your progress by your experience of the love of God and its exercise before men.” Though centuries old advice, Wilberforce’s words are a reminder to us 21st century women that true progress is found in how we rest in God’s love, letting it transform our desires so to love more and more in Jesus’ name.