A Regular Girl in Nicaragua

By June 30, 2016July 12th, 2016Kingdom Living

Edy and RossyEdy Mimms wasn’t even supposed to go to Nicaragua the first time.

Then, one of the chaperones for the St. Andrew’s youth trip had to cancel at the last minute. Her 14-year old son, Elliot, was going. Edy had a passport and was able to step in to chaperone. Little did she know that on that trip the Holy Spirit would a plant a seed in her heart for the people of Nicaragua that would multiply exponentially over the next 13 years. Indeed, the Lord has called Edy out of her role as wife to Chuck, mother of two (Rion 30, Elliott 27), a soon to be grandmother, and a busy career in as a real estate agent to lead over 20 mission teams so far. “The Holy Spirit made the unlikely connections,” says Edy, “and the relationships that have formed as a result of serving with local churches have opened doors I could never imagine. My faith and strength in my relationship with the Lord has grown so much as a result of serving and learning from people who do not just hope the Lord shows up, but expect Him to do so every time.”

Edy’s trips to Nicaragua have been multi-faceted, and many of them were as a leader of St. Andrew’s Year Team. Among the many capacities Edy and the team worked in during those trips were participating in feeding programs, home repair, street evangelism, speaking in many types of churches, working with youth, children, addicts, and prostitutes, and whatever other missions to which the local church invited them. The focus of the mission trips then turned to a church called El Shadaii , which had a young adult discipleship community that lived and served together. It seemed the perfect fit. The main area of focus over five years was an area called El Limonal. “When we first arrived you could tangibly feel the spiritual darkness and I admit I was pretty scared.” El Limonal was an area filled with desperation because of gangs, tremendous poverty, and crime. With the pastor and his team’s vision, support from St. Andrew’s, and the commitment of the local community, a new church was built and the area now has running water, electricity, and paved roads. Edy explains, “This church in Limonal is a vibrant, spirit- filled church built by the hands of the community for their community. In every sense we saw the transforming work of God as he changed darkness to light within that community, not only physically but spiritually as well.”

Recently the pastors Edy has worked with have expressed a real need for women’s ministry. Women are typically the stabilizing face in the home, even though many are un- employed, single moms, victims of crime, and/or very young mothers. Yet, there is a strong sense of community among many of these women as they depend on each other.” Edy continues, “While they love the Lord as much as we do, they do not have the opportunities for teaching and inner healing that we have at St. Andrew’s.” That fact seemed like an opportunity to Edy. “Just one woman’s healing can have a domino effect that will change the next generation. I know it works, because someone took that step for me.” Therefore the focus for the May 2016 trip to Nicaragua will be women’s conferences at four different churches— sharing, encouraging, and equipping women specifically.

Edy’s considers herself just a regular girl who tries to be obedient to the Lord one step at a time. She says, “As I have walked through doors that He has opened, especially the ones that don’t make sense, I have seen the face and power of God.”

Although extremely humble about her personal impact on the people of Nicaragua, there is no doubt that regular girl Edy has had a significant one. As an example, during the time she has been working with one of the pastors in Nicaragua, he has married and become a father. The baby’s name? Edy.