New Building on Old Playground

Talking to myself (again) about rebuilding the Ministry Center:

Question:  As I’m driving down Venning from Simmons, what is the rectangular building that is being built on the old playground?

Answer: It is our new Discipleship/Education building.  As you look at the rendering above (click on the image to see a larger version) you will see that there are three floors.  The first floor will house the new St. Andrew’s Day School and Children’s Ministry area.

The second floor will be primarily for our youth.  One of the neat features will be a large room that will be about the size of  Sams Hall where our youth will be able to gather for worship, teaching, and activities.  The second floor will also have some breakout rooms for small groups, as well as the Sacristy, Flower Guild room, and offices for Worship Arts, Men’s Ministry, and Women’s Ministry.

The third floor will house both meeting and office space for our equipping ministries such as The Alpha Course, The Ridley Institute, and Drawing Near to God.  We will also have a library and chapel on this floor as well.

Question: Has anything replaced the old Day School building?

Answer: Yes! One of the best features of our comprehensive master plan was the opportunity to relocate our playground from the side of the Ministry Center abutting Venning to the backside of the Ministry Center. This move allowed us to expand the size of the playground as well as provide a significant covered area for kids, teachers, and parents to gather while outside.  The relocation also allows us to significantly improve security as unauthorized access to the playground will be restricted and more easily controlled.

Question: Speaking of security, what security features will there be in our new buildings?

Answer: Great question!  It’s a sad fact of life that churches have to give careful consideration to such matters, but we do.  We are working with a company that specializes in this kind of work to ensure the best equipment and practices are implemented. Practically, there will be security cameras placed throughout the property (both inside and outside), especially in the Children’s and Youth areas.  The Day School and Children’s Ministry will also have restricted access entries that folks will have to pass through to both drop-off and pick-up their children.

In the Family,
Steve & Jacqui