Every Sunday, St. Andrew’s members gather for 9 worship services held in three different locations – Mount Pleasant, Charleston, and North Charleston. Our original church is in Mt Pleasant and it continues to serve as the resource center for all of our campuses. We’re not interested in building larger worship centers but instead we’re focused on reproducing churches that reach and serve their own community and then, in turn, plant new churches.

Every location that is a part of St. Andrew’s carries the same DNA. Worship styles, whether traditional or contemporary, are similar. We ask all of our members to first commit or belong to their local congregation. We also ask them to be a part of a LifeGroup and to serve in one ministry within their congregation.

You can continue through our website by using the navigation links at the top of this page or by visiting the pages for each our campuses. A short description of and link to each campus is found below along with the name of the campus pastor.

Reaching the Community

Mt. Pleasant

The Rt. Rev’d Stephen D. Wood
Bishop, Diocese of the Carolinas
Rector, St. Andrew’s

Founded in 1833 as a chapel of ease, St. Andrew’s has been part of a multi-campus church since her founding. The Historic Church is located in the Old Village and houses our offices and support staff.  Due to the fire of April 22, 2018, which burned down our Ministry Center we have two places of worship in Mt. Pleasant while our new facilities are being built.  Four Sunday worship services are offered in the Historic Church on the main campus.  These services range from an early morning, quiet, contemplative traditional service to a contemporary service in the evening.  In between are a blended service (a mix of hymns and contemporary praise songs) as well as a traditional service with organ and choir.  Two larger contemporary services are meeting at Mt. Pleasant Academy on Center Street in Old Mt. Pleasant. With the exception of the early morning (7.45 am) service, Children’s Ministry takes place during the services at all of our Mt. Pleasant sites.  Many of the resources and classes available to all campuses are in Mt. Pleasant.

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City Church (Charleston)

Interim Lead Pastor: The Rev’d Kyle Holtzhower

St. Andrews City Church, seeks to connect people on and around peninsular Charleston to the power and presence of Jesus Christ. The campus has a mix of young professionals, students and new families who gather for worship and are scattered throughout the Charleston community to proclaim and present the life changing message of Christ to those around us. City Church meets at Charleston Progressive Academy, a public charter school in the heart of the city.

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Park Circle (North Charleston)

Lead Pastor: The Rev’d David Libbon

St. Andrew’s Park Circle has found their place by serving in North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary, the school in which they meet. About one-third of the congregation serves their community by mentoring children in the school. A few more mentor and volunteer in one of the local high schools.

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Leadership and Resources

St. Andrew’s is led by the Senior Pastor or Rector, Steve Wood. As the Senior Pastor, he leads the Mt Pleasant congregation and is assisted by designated campus pastors at each of the other locations. Those campus pastors maintain their collegiality by sharing office space, administrative staff, and by occasionally preaching at each other’s churches.

The church staff, located in Mt Pleasant, is able to serve and resource all of our churches. This system eliminates the need for church plants to grow a staff. This also means that our campus pastors can dream big dreams for their congregations and communities. When they have an idea, they probably have a team member in Mt Pleasant who can point out problems and pitfalls and they have a colleague that can help them plan and execute their ideas. Because of their size, our church plants are able to quickly assess and meet needs within their congregation and communities.

Global Partnerships

Diocese of the CarolinasSt. Andrew’s is a part of the Anglican Church in North America and is well connected to Anglican churches and Archbishops from around the world.

Steve Wood was elected Bishop of the Diocese of the Carolinas in 2012. As the home church of the Bishop, St. Andrew’s also acts as a resource for all of the diocesan churches.

Through the Ridley Institute, our school of theology, the church has become an innovative leader in theological education for laypeople and seminarians and has made their lectures available worldwide by streaming classes on the web.