One Year of Construction

By August 1, 2019Beauty From Ashes

One year ago this week we gathered in our parking lot for a ground-breaking celebration.  It marked the end of the demolition of the burned remains of the Ministry Center and the beginning of our new construction.  Hard to believe all that has taken place this past year on our campus (read our previous updates) . This week we continue with Q & A on our construction process:

Question: What’s happened on campus these past few weeks?

Answer: Our campus has been abuzz with workers simultaneously working on multiple projects.  A few highlights:

  • The roof on the new building as been finished and the HVAC units have been set in place atop the roof.  
  • The electrical supply to the Ministry Center has been relocated.  This required us to shut down electrical service to the church for a few days.  The project went as expected and everything is up and running again.
  • Work takes place out of sight as well.  The accompanying photo shows (click on the photo to see a larger version) that the framing in the Children’s Ministry area is just about completed. This is in the ground floor area of the Ministry Center that was destroyed by fire, smoke, and water.

Question: What’s next?

construction craneAnswer: As mentioned above workers are working on multiple projects all over the site.  A few projects to note:

  • With the roof and HVAC in place, framing of the third floor will be completed.
  • Exterior sheathing (the purple boards visible from Venning Street) is being installed.  Once installed it will be waterproofed as prep for the exterior walls to be set in place.
  • With the relocation of electrical service the final foundation work along Venning will be dug and cement poured.
  • A much smaller crane has arrived onsite to begin the installation of the remaining steel framing for the new Ministry Center.

Thank you for your continued support of the life and ministry of St. Andrew’s.  Thank you for your ongoing prayers. And most especially, thank you for your continued support and encouragement of us. 

In the family,
Steve & Jacqui