Orange Fencing

Historic Church with FencingWhat’s Going On Around the Historic Church?

Several people have inquired about the orange fencing around the Historic Church. This is part of a our new construction. Surprisingly, even with the Ministry Center fire, some parts of the construction on the campus will continue as we sort out the way forward with the Ministry Center building.

We are building new sidewalks and redoing the streetscape at the corner of Whilden and Venning Streets. (Take a look at the artist’s rendition.) Right next to the Historic Church will be a new walkway that parallels Venning Street and keeps people out of the street as they walk between the buildings.

survey stakeYou’ll also see surveying stakes around the campus. This is also part of the new construction process. Precise geographical locations and elevations are known wherever a stake is placed. By taking measurements from those known points, the streetscapes and new buildings can all be laid out properly.

Clean Up Efforts

If you’ve driven by John’s Tent, you might have noticed a lone dumpster along the street. That dumpster is no longer alone as crews are in full force today in cleaning out the offices in the older part of the building. They are removing the ceilings in the  area of the workroom and youth ministry areas as most of those suffered water damage. As the clean up progresses, they’ll remove all of the carpet and some of the walls.