Our Worship Service Explained- Eastertide

By April 20, 2022Park Circle News

PC EasterRoad maps are important not only because they tell us where we are going but how we are able to get there. Here’s a road map of our service to give you an idea of what to expect. You’ll notice that our service is in two parts. Part one is the ministry of the Word. This is where we hear God’s word which leads us to part two the ministry of the Table. In this second part, we meet with God through Holy Communion by the power of the Holy Spirt.  The season we are in is called Eastertide or the season after Easter. You’ll notice themes in this season of joy, hope, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Here’s how our service will reflect this:

Preservice music 

Welcome and The Acclamation: This sets the tone of the worship service and you are invited to respond with the words on the screen.

Service of The Lord’s Word

Worship Through Music: For generations, God’s people have responded to his grace through music. Feel free to sing along!

Confession of Sin, Comfortable Words: We reflect on our sin and confess our place before God. Following our confession, we remember God’s word to us and the place of grace in our lives.

Passing of the Peace: We believe that every member of St. Andrew’s Park Circle is a minister of the gospel and we embody this belief every week as we remind one another of the reality of God’s peace in our lives.

(Older kids are then dismissed to their time with their leaders.)

Scripture is read a sermon is preached: on that day’s text.

Response Song: God moves through his Spirit and his word so we give some time, normally one song, to reflect on what God might be saying to you and to us as a church.

Prayers of The People: We hear from God through his word and we respond to God through prayer. Each week a member of our church will lead us through a few prayers where we pray for our church, the world, and one another.

Service of the Lord’s Table

Communion Liturgy:  This time is a mix of prayers, songs, and scripture as we come to the table and receive the bread and wine together.

Lord’s Prayer: Prayed together.
Doxology: This is a song we sing together praising God for what he has done.

(Older kids return to service)

Receiving Holy Communion: At St. Andrew’s Park Circle all baptized Christians are welcome to come forward and receive communion. If you or your child are not baptized we welcome you to come forward and simply cross your arms over your chest. One of our pastors would be happy to pray for you.  There are times in a service that God works in our hearts or times when we simply need someone to pray for us. Prayer is available in the back of the sanctuary if you would like someone to pray with you.

Prayer of Thanksgiving: Thanking God for what he has provided us in Jesus Christ

Benediction:  This is a blessing and sending as we close our service.

Dismissal Song of Worship

Dismissal: This is a responsive moment as we close our service and head out into the world as the light of Christ and the people of God.