Worship at St Andrew’s Park Circle

An Anglican Church in North Charleston, South Carolina

Sunday Worship

Worship In Person

What You Need to Know

Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about our in-person services.

Streaming Worship

We understand that some may be reluctant to attend services in person so we do offer a live streaming option. You can view the service here or on our Facebook page.

Learn More

Learn more about St. Andrew’s Park Circle at StAndrewsParkCircle.com.

About Worship at Water Mission


Restrooms are available to us during our time but we are asking they only be used for emergencies. For those with children please encourage them to use the facilities before they leave their house.


We will have chairs in place for strict social distancing. As your family arrives please be sure we maintain this. You may move chairs to accommodate your group’s number, but please keep the spacing in mind.


Water Mission has asked us to respect their staff regulations. One of which is that masks are to be worn while inside the building at all times for anyone over the age of two. We will have some on hand but encourage families and individuals to bring their own. We seek to be good guests and appreciate Water Mission letting us use this space.


Our offering for the in-person service will be in a black locked box in the back of the room and for our online service through our website.