Re-Building Begins

By August 9, 2018Beauty From Ashes

Ministry Center Groundbreaking

Ministry Center Groundbreaking

Dear St. Andrew’s Family,

On Wednesday, May 9th, we gathered in the parking lot for a memorial service.  We spent the evening looking back, remembering all that God had done in and through the Ministry Center.  It was a wonderful evening filled with gratitude and thanksgiving

On Wednesday, July 25th, several hundred of us gathered again in the parking lot. This time, we looked forward with anticipation and hope in a service of groundbreaking and dedication.  We had a number of folks participating in the evening: the Mayor, Members of Town Council, the Principal of Mt. Pleasant Academy, representatives from the Fire and Police Departments, our architects, representatives from Hill Construction, the Vestry, staff, men’s and women’s ministries, Life Groups and youth/children’s ministries.  A few moments from this wonderful evening stand out: seeing members from every part of St. Andrew’s take turns with the shovel breaking ground, the cheers for the Principal of Mt. Pleasant Academy, and the prolonged standing ovation given to our First Responders.

Multi Generations at Groundbreaking

A multi-generation event!

We closed the evening in prayer; asking the Holy Spirit to heal those with various afflictions and bring those whom we love to Christ.  My final encouragement that night was for us to pray ‘big’ prayers – prayers that only God can answer; prayers that God would act in ways that bring glory to Christ in and through the ministry of St. Andrew’s. It was a memorable night.  I hope you’ll join us in asking great things of God, expecting great things from God and in attempting great things for God.

Much has happened in the past two weeks.  The last bit of the Ministry Center walls have been removed and actual construction has begun.  A new drainage system has been installed. You’ll see in the photo new drainage pipe being installed in the area behind the Ministry Center (this area will be the new playground).  We are expecting the foundation work to begin within the next ten days.

The reconstruction continues in the portion of the Ministry Center that was spared.  This past Monday the staff was able to meet in Sams Hall for our first staff meeting onsite since April 16th. Praise God! We’ve also begun to move staff back on campus.  As of today, the Finance Office, Youth Office, and clergy are back onsite. The amount of work accomplished to rehouse us is impressive: new electrical wiring, new IT lines, new LED lighting, new walls, new ceilings, new carpeting, and a fire-suppression system have all been installed.  In the next few weeks we should have everyone back onsite and ready to begin our new ministry year.

Digging new drainage system

Digging a new drainage system behind the Ministry Center.

Lastly, we wish to simply say, ‘thank you.’ Watching the way this congregation has rallied and continued to engage in the ministry to which we have all been called is so very encouraging.  200+ people are now involved in some aspect of ministry that were not involved prior to the fire (we’ll need more folks as the ministry year begins so that we might establish rotation system of volunteers so as to spare folks from burnout), our prayer life is deeper, our worship is richer – filled with joy and gratitude, and there has been a sustained generosity.  I speak for the whole staff and Vestry when I say it is a high privilege and rare blessing to serve this congregation at this time in our life.

With much love in Christ and our continued prayers,
Steve & Jacqui