Rescinding COVID Protocols June 1

Dear St. Andrew’s Family,

A few weeks ago I informed you that we anticipated the lifting of our mandatory COVID protocols. I am pleased to inform you that as of 1 June all protocols will be rescinded.

We made this decision, as we have all decisions COVID related, with the counsel of local medical professionals, men and women whom we know, men and women who work at MUSC, Roper, and East Cooper hospitals. They have carried a two-fold concern, a concern which we, the vestry and I, share. First, we aim to be as medically sound as possible. Secondly, following the Christian ethic of loving our neighbor as ourselves, we seek to engage best practices that ensure the well-being of all St. Andrew’s folks. I am grateful for the wisdom, counsel, and caution of our medical professionals who have given us guidance these past many months.

The option to continue to wear your mask will remain and you may sit almost anywhere you wish in the Sanctuary and Historic Church masked or unmasked. For those with personal needs or preferences who desire to both wear a mask and be socially distanced, we will have seating areas in the Sanctuary and the Historic Church available. Additionally, please be reminded that the 6.00 pm service in the Sanctuary remains our very best option for social distancing. 

One last word from our local medical community: please get vaccinated. Jacqui and I have received our vaccination and it has given us great peace of mind.

Lastly, thank you for your patience and for the love you have shown to one another and our guests as we moved through this phase. I am most grateful.

In the family,