Learn in community.  Know God’s Word. Apply the Bible to your life. Build a foundation of faith.

Ridley @ St. Andrew’s

Ridley @ St. Andrew’s offers classes in Bible and theology at our Mt. Pleasant campus. These classes are accessible enough for those beginning the journey of faith, but deep enough for mature believers.  Six week classes are offered three times a year – winter, spring, and fall. We also teach weekend intensives and host outside speakers presenting on a variety of important topics in the life of faith.


Will the classes be over my head?

No. Ridley classes offer something for everyone – those new in their faith and seasoned believers. There is also ample time for group discussion and Q&A with the speaker.

What topics are covered in your classes?

Here are some of our regular courses that are offered on a rotating basis: Introduction to the Bible, Basic Theology, Knowing Jesus from the Gospels, Christian Living and Ethics, Prayer, Apologetics and Evangelism.

When are classes offered?

The typical Ridley class happens on a Tuesday evening. But we also offer classes on Sundays and weekend intensives. To find out about the next class, check out the St. Andrew’s calendar.

What is the format for a class?

Tuesday evening classes take place from 6:15p-8:30p. After a meal together, there is a 45 minute talk, followed by group discussion. The evening concludes with an opportunity to ask questions of the speaker.

Is there a cost?

Yes, Tuesday evening six week courses are around $85. Most of the cost covers the delicious professionally catered meals that are offered. But There are scholarships available because we do not want money to keep anyone from learning God’s Word in community.

Are there assignments?

No, there are no required assignments. But there is usually some recommended reading that supplements the learning experience.

Do you offer courses online?

We do offer the option to participate in a Tuesday night course via live stream.

Can I bring my life group?

Absolutely! We encourage life groups to come together. Simply indicate on your registration the names of those in your life group and we will place you together at the same discussion table.

Who teaches a Ridley Course?

Usually one of our St. Andrew’s clergy or someone else who has been biblically and theologically trained.

Can I work towards a degree?

Ridley classes at St. Andrew’s are for personal and spiritual growth, not for credit. However, the Ridley Institute does have online seminary training programs. To learn more visit: https://ridleyinstitute.com/seminary/

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