Name Position Email Phone
Steve Wood Steve Wood Bishop, Diocese of the Carolinas
Rector, St. Andrew’s Church
SWood@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4325
John Burley Associate Rector
Pastoral Care
JBurley@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4326
Rusty Graves Rusty Graves Lead Pastor
St. Andrew’s City Church
RGraves@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4331
Sam Fornecker Sam Fornecker Associate Rector
Teaching and Equipping
Randy Forrester Randy Forrester Associate Rector
Teaching and Equipping
Director, The Ridley Institute
RForrester@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4320
ST-Anthony-Kowbeidu150x150 Anthony Kowbeidu Associate Rector
AKowbeidu@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4327
ST-Dave-Libbon150x150 Dave Libbon Lead Pastor, St. Andrew’s Park Circle (North Charleston)
Assistant to the Rector
DLibbon@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4369
Phillip Wilson Phillip Wilson Associated Clergy, St. Andrew’s Park Circle (North Charleston) PWilson@StAndrews.Church
Tim Winkler Tim Winkler Associated Clergy, St. Andrew’s Mt. Pleasant TWinkler@StAndrews.Church
Richard Bilas Richard Bilas Pastoral Assistant
 Sam Clawson Sam Clawson Deacon SClawson@StAndrews.Church
 ST-Suzy-Cook150x150 Suzy Cook Deacon SCook@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4380
ST-Winfield-Bevins150x150 Winfield Bevins Associate Priest
ST-Ken-Alexander150x150 Ken Alexander Assistant to the Rector (Retired) KAlexander@StAndrews.Church


Name Position Email Phone
ST-Mike-Hughes150x150 Mike Hughes Chief Operating Officer MHughes@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4370
  Elle Rist Parish Life Coordinator ERist@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4310
Mike May Sexton MMay@StAndrews.Church
Nancy Sapakoff Nancy Sapakoff Rector’s Administrative Assistant NSapakoff@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4324
Tina Sease Program Coordinator, The Ridley Institute TSease@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4316
ST-Greg-Shore150x150 Greg Shore Communications Director GShore@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4323


Name Position Email Phone
Claire Buxton Claire Buxton Children’s Ministry Director CBuxton@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4329
Rachel Buckley Rachel Buckley City Church
Children’s Ministry Leader
 Brendan Campbell Brendan Campbell Elementary Ministry Team Leader BCampbell@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4349
Ashton Reese Children’s Ministry Assistant AReese@StAndrews.Church
Lauren Vicars Day School Director LVicars@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4356


Name Position Email Phone
  Andy Breaux Pre-Marital Counseling
Men’s Ministry Leader
ABreaux@StAndrews.Church  843.284.4361
  Maddy Donaldson Discipleship Coordinator MDonaldson@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4346
Debbie Rupert Debbie Rupert Director, Holy City Fellows
Coordinator, Young Adult Ministries
DRupert@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4362


Name Position Email Phone
 ST-Todd-Capps150x150 Todd Capps Controller TCapps@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4322
ST-Jorgia-Hazelwood150x150 Jorgia Hazelwood Staff Accountant JHazelwood@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4371
ST-John-Pawley150x150 John Pawley Finance Assistant JPawley@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4360
Olivia Sigman Accounts Receivable Clerk OSigman@StAndrews.Church

Men’s Ministry

Name Position Email Phone
  Andy Breaux Men’s Ministry Leader
Pre-Marital Counseling

Women’s Ministry

Name Position Email Phone
  Sally Wallace Women’s Ministry Leader SWallace@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4358
ST-Rebecca-Glenn150x150 Rebecca Glenn Administrative Assistant RGlenn@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4358

Worship Arts

Name Position Email Phone
ST-Dwight-Huthwaite150x150 Dwight Huthwaite Worship Arts Leader DHuthwaite@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4348
ST-Kristy-Barry150x150 Kristy Barry Administrative Assistant KBarry@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4351
ST-Mark-Bebensee150x150 Mark Bebensee Organist/Choir Director
Mount Pleasant
MBebensee@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4357
 ST-Whitney-Bradburn-150x150 Whitney Bradburn Administrative Assistant WBradburn@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4351
Garrett Brittain Garrett Brittain Worship Leader
St. Andrew’s City Church
ST-John-Pawley150x150 John Pawley Technical Director JPawley@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4360


Name Position Email Phone
Jonathon Welch Youth Ministry Leader JWelch@StAndrews.Church 843.284.4382