Sunday Service Change

When we started our 6pm in person worship service last month, we described how we needed to see it as a dance. Sometimes we would step forward, sometimes we might need to take a step back. In the beginning, we had hoped that the Covid-19 infection rate would continue to decline so that we could move back indoors for masked, social-distanced, air-conditioned worship before the end of July. Instead, we are facing an increasing trajectory of new cases that keeps us outdoors in an environment that is only getting hotter.

This week we are pausing our in person worship and, for the near future, replacing it with a recorded service, similar to what we offered through the spring. It will be available at 6am on Sunday. The greatest disappointment is having to stop offering  a personal, community worship event that a hearty group clearly made great effort to attend. We all miss each other and it has been a blessing to see one another, even if we were all behind masks. As a result, we are already making plans for new opportunities for people to safely gather at times of the day and in locations where the summer heat will not be as great a factor. Make sure to read the upcoming emails for the details.