The Alpha Course in Park Circle

By September 2, 2020Park Circle News

Pew pewOver 10 years ago I walked into my first Alpha Course. We were new to the area and looking for a way to meet other people. My wife and I were welcomed in and seated at a table. We were served an excellent meal and then settled in for what we were sure was going to be the lecture portion of the evening. What we found was very surprising.
The teaching was only 20 min and highly enjoyable. From there we were dismissed into smaller groups where we could ask questions, find answers, interact with what was talked about. A phrase associated with the Alpha Course is that questions lead to community and that was exactly our experience. If you are looking for community, if you are looking for answers, if you are looking for the beautiful center of the Christian faith I’d invite you to join us this September for Alpha in North Charleston.
We’ll be gathering at Commonhouse Aleworks for a fun launch party on Monday, September 21, and then start weekly gatherings on Wednesdays September 23 virtually using the Zoom online platform. I hope you’ll take that step and join in. We’d love to see you and hear your questions!
To register for this free course please visit
David Libbon
Lead Pastor at St. Andrew’s Park Circle