When Longing Doesn’t Match Reality

By September 15, 2019Mt Pleasant Sermons

Bible Study

Don’t just take our word for it . . . take His! We would encourage you to spend time examining the following Scriptures that shaped this sermon: Ephesians 3.14-21; Acts 1.6-8

Sermon Outline

  • Do you have an unregenerate heart?
  • Are you on the throne of your life?
  • Are you harboring unconfessed sin?
  • Are you put off by the gifts of the Spirit (too messy)?

Sermon Application

  • Ask the Spirit to search your heart.  What surfaces?
  • Have you acknowledged Christ as the Lord of your life?  Have you looked to Him as your Saviour?
  • Are you holding any grudges?  Withholding any unforgiveness?  Are you continuing in any secret sins? Why?
  • Why do you think folks are put off by the supernatural?  If God is God, and He is, why do you think folks think that they should always be comfortable around Him?
  • What makes you uncomfortable about/with God?
  • Have you experienced the Holy Spirit in your life?  What was it like?
  • The Apostle Paul commends us to “eagerly desire” spiritual gifts.  Do you?
  • What is the link between the person of the Holy Spirit and having a deep, satisfying relationship with God?

The outline and application questions are intended for your further reflection and action upon the weekend message. They are also designed to facilitate discussion and accountability within your LifeGroup.

Resources Quoted or Referenced

Gary Best, Naturally Supernatural
Samuel Chadwick, The Way to Pentecost
Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology
Chuck Irish, Back to the Upper Room
David Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit


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