Songs from Sunday

By February 24, 2019Park Circle Songs


  • Hymnal Selections on Violin
  • In Christ Alone (Keith Getty and Stuart Townend)

Songs of Praise

  • Cornerstone (Hillsong)
  • Jesus Messiah (Chris Tomlin) 
  • O Come To The Altar (Chris Brown, Mack Brock, Steven Furtick, Wade Joy)


  • Selections on Violin


  • Here Is Our King (David Crowder)



The Worship Ministry of St. Andrew’s Park Circle has a Spotify Playlist . This playlist consists of the original recordings of the worship songs done weekly in our service. We encourage to use this in your time as you do things around the house, traveling in the car, or while on your morning or evening run. The list will be updated regularly, but once you do subscribe, it will update for you automatically.

Use of Spotify and access to these playlists does require registering for a free Spotify account. You can register for an account at

We post song information for Sunday worship every week. Questions? Email Phillip Wilson (PWilson@StAndrews.Church)