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Confirmation is an exciting time for our students (8th Grade and older) to gather in a safe, welcoming environment to process questions, dialogue about their faith, and encounter Jesus for their own – maybe for the first time or for the hundredth time.

During Confirmation, our Confirmation Students will arrive at 6pm to join in on our Middle School Sunday Night gathering. They will hang out in the Youth Room, have a chance to enjoy our cafe, and eat pizza with all our Middle School students til about 6:30pm and even play a game. When Middle School Sunday Night gets ready to transition to its teaching time, our Confirmation Students will head up to the Chapel on the 3rd floor to participate in our Confirmation teaching time and small groups.

You may notice that we are putting our Confirmation Gatherings at the same time as our Middle School Sunday Night’s and even having our Confirmation Students participate in our Middle School Sunday Night’s before heading up to Confirmation. That 30 minute portion is not optional, it is a part of our Confirmation process.

Truthfully our hope is that our Confirmation Students do more than just show up once a month for Confirmation. Our hope and prayer is that these students become grafted in to our Middle School Sunday Night/High School Midweek community and also happen to do Confirmation. We love Confirmation here at St. Andrew’s but we love the ability to provide weekly gatherings to allow our students to encounter Jesus in gatherings built for them, where they can engage with Jesus & their peers about their faith every week. Thus, by placing Confirmation at the same time as Middle School Sunday Night, our hope is that if your student isn’t connected to our community, this year will provide them the opportunity to become connected to our community fully.

  • For students in 8th grade and older
  • Registration is Open!
  • Confirmation Classes start on September 18
  • 6-8PM, The Youth Room, 2nd Floor of Ridley Hall
  • Retreat January 27-29, 2023
  • Registration for the retreat will be announced during Confirmation.
  • Register for Confirmation Today!

Confirmation’s Main Purposes:

  1. Connecting Students to a peer community to process and dialogue about faith.
  2. Creating an environment to help students take their next faith step.
  3. Ensuring students engage with Jesus and make their faith their own.
  4. Allowing students to have lasting faith community by transitioning them safely into High School Midweek.
  5. Helping students create a discipline of engaging with Jesus regularly (hopefully daily) on their own.
  6. Culminating in a public declaration of faith and laying on of hands by the Bishop.

Confirmation Gatherings Look Like:

  • Pizza
  • Fun/Games
  • Teaching
  • Small Groups

Confirmation Consists of:

  • 7 Monthly Gatherings
  • 2 Community Building Nights
  • 1 Weekend Retreat
  • Testimony Night
  • Confirmation Service
  • Weekly homework assignments

Your Commitment:

  • Attendance at the Retreat
  • Miss no more than 3 gatherings/community building nights
  • Participation in Testimony Night
  • Participation in the Confirmation Service
  • Praying for your student
  • Asking them questions about what they’re learning

Parents’ Meeting:

Every parent needs to attend our parents meeting. We’ll lay out the things expected of your students and we’ll also talk about ways you can encourage and resource your child while going through the class. The Parents Meeting is Sunday, August 28, from 5-6PM in the Youth Room, 2nd Floor of Ridley Hall .

Small Group Leaders:

High School Students are an integral part of our confirmation team. We believe that students who have been confirmed have an excellent opportunity to pour into the next generation of students.

Students who are interested being a Confirmation Small Group Leader or for more information contact Jonathon Welch (JWelch@StAndrews.Church or 843.284.4382).

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Confirmation Schedule (2022-2023)

Parents Meeting :: Sunday, August 28, from 15-6PM in The Youth Room (2nd Floor of Ridley Hall).

Schedule :: *All Gatherings are Sunday Nights from 6-8PM

September 10 – High School Fall Kick Off Event (Encouraged, 7-9PM)
September 16 – Middle School Fall Kickoff Event (Encouraged, 6:30-10PM)
September 18 – Gathering 1 – Why Are You Here/Is There More to Life than This?
October 14 – Community Building Night
October 23 – Gathering 2 – Who is Jesus?
November 13 – Gathering 3 – Let’s Talk Big Words: Faith, Justification, Sanctification
December  4 – Gathering 4 – What is Evil? What is God’s Plan?
January 27-29 – Confirmation Retreat Weekend
February 5 – Gathering 5 – Why/How Do We Read the Bible?
February 10 – Community Building Night
February 17-20 – Youth Ministry Winter Camp (Optional)
March 12 – Gathering 6 – Why Do We Pray?
April 23 – Gathering 7 – Evangelism/Next Steps
April 29 – Testimony Night (6-8PM)
April 30 – Confirmation Service (6-7:30PM)

May 17 :: Future Freshman & High School Preview Night & Senior Night (Encouraged, 7-8:30PM)