Volunteer leaders are needed in Youth Ministry to help provide a safe, warm, and welcoming community where youth get a sense of belonging, are nurtured in their faith and encouraged to live a life of discipleship. We seek volunteers who are living out their faith, who are intentional about building relationships with youth, and who are willing to help facilitate various activities and opportunities that will guide youth in their faith formation.

Serving in Youth Ministry

Below are several opportunities in which to serve at St. Andrew’s Youth Ministry on Wednesday evenings. For more information, contact the church office (Office@StAndrews.Church).

Welcome Team

Parkers and Pick-up

The Wednesday Night experience begins in the parking lot. You are the face of Wednesday nights as students and parents arrive, and the last face they see before they leave. You are key in the  impression that parents have about St. Andrew’s Youth Ministry.


Greeters welcome students as they enter the building and have a chance to get students excited about Wednesday Night. They are key in identifying new students and making them feel welcome as they hand them off to the VIP team.

Check– in

Make sure every student gets checked in properly and efficiently. This helps us to provide a safe environment where every person is accounted for.

First time VIP

The Goal of this team is to make first timers feel like Very Important People – Welcomed, Noticed and Part of the Family. You get to create an environment of belonging by welcoming them as they arrive, getting them checked in, and hanging out with them in the VIP room and the rest of the night.

Hang Out Team (H.O.T.)

Snack bar

Jesus met people’s physical needs before their spiritual needs. Meet students and do just that by serving snacks and refreshments before the service.


The purpose of this environment is entirely for relationships as students get to Hang Out in a laid back and conversational environment. Help connect students to Leaders and each other as they hang out here. (Nail salon, board games , card games and video games)


Play 9 Square, spike ball, Kan Jam and other sports activities, or just hang out and talk with student who are watching or waiting on the sidelines.

Service Teams


This team is responsible for helping usher students into the Presence of Christ through music, prayer and the reading of Scripture.


This team is about introducing potential volunteers and parents to what it looks like to serve in St. Andrew’s Youth Ministry. Ushers seat students as they enter the Historic Church and get them pumped up for what the Lord is going to do during the service.


Responsible for running the sound board and video equipment. Being part of this team does not require technical expertise but it does require a heart for worship. If you’ve ever played solitaire on a computer, we can teach you the technical parts.